The Future of Sports Betting

A unique virtual product which allows gamers to instantly simulate the outcome of real events.

The Future of Sports Betting

A standalone virtual product which allows gamers to instantly simulate the outcome of real events.

Trusted by established brands

Monetise your brand around the clock, with a new product line available to customers 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Supported Sports


Imagine what we can accomplish together

Fully Integrated Experience, add events into your sportsbook. Bring the thrill of instant results into the virtual world and create unforgettable experiences for your players.

Easy to Setup

An exciting new product line with a straight-forward integration and setup.


Elements are customisable depending on the client’s requirements.


Using cloud technologies to Simulate real event outcomes.


Grow your marketplace
with confidence

We commit to offering a tailor-made service based on your margins, player values and platform locale.

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Real Events Became Virtual

Simulate real event outcomes using the most advanced algorithms, with a product that offers a large variety of available markets.

Lightning Fast

No need to wait for the real game to commence, the simulate match ends within 2 minutes providing a fast turn-around and instant payout.

Real-Time Rewards

End users are rewarded with free bets in real time, based on their activity history.

Don’t Wait Simulate!

Add virtualised outcomes to the world’s leading sports events

Trusted by established brands
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