When Virtual Meets Reality

Boost your product offering today, with 30,000+ extra monthly events.

When Virtual Meets Reality

Up to 30k additional monthly events to bet on
It’s never looked so rich in events!

Trusted by established brands

A virtual sports game featuring real team names and real league names, but with entirely simulated results and outcomes.

Imagine what we can
accomplish together

Add events into your sportsbook for a fully integrated experience, bringing the excitement of pre-match and in-play betting into the virtual world.

Optimized Integration

A smooth setup will have your users zoom-ing as soon as possible

Complementary Product

Combine Zoom with real sports events on the betslip, with no cannibalisation of revenues. 


Grow your marketplace
with confidence

Bring the thrill of sports into the virtual world and create unforgettable experiences for your punters.

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Real Leagues

Real Leagues, Teams and Markets for your players to bet on. Virtual becomes reality right here!

Increase your Sport offer

Up to 30,000 extra events per month, and no need to worry about off-peak seasonality

Prematch and Live

Zoom events are available for both prematch and live match modes

Stats and additional info

A full set of statistics, tables, results and live scores are immediately accessible by the users

Fully Integrated Experience

Add events into your sportsbook, and combine with real life match multiples

Trusted by established brands
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